My Practice …

… is focused on supporting people in their development within business organizations. I work with individuals and teams who are seeking to increase their effectiveness.  At its core all my work is about helping people grow their capabilities. And that involves them developing.

I work in several content areas or disciplines:

  • Leadership Development – for individuals
  • Leadership Development – for teams
  • Team Building –  group interaction skills and processes
  • Change Management –  programs for individuals and groups that have tried to make changes and have not gotten the results they expected and want sustainable change
  • Individual Skill Development –  in Communication Skills, Developmental Coaching (giving and receiving feedback) and Problem Solving

I “deliver” that help through Coaching, Training, and Facilitation.

  • Coaching –  work that centers on personal growth objectives
  • Training – mostly group work, and closely tied to specific business needs. Think Just in Time training, geared towards getting work done while learning
  • Facilitation – with existing clients and as part of a larger initiative I facilitate work session as groups do actual work

Why work with me?

Picking someone to work with can be a daunting task. I will endeavor to provide you with answers to some of the most frequent questions people have. Let’s start with the core questions: 

“Can you help me? ”


 “Are you a right choice?”

The first question tends to be answered with information about credibility. What are your areas of expertise? What is your experience? Do you work with people in my situation (with the same challenges, in a similar organization, etc).

On this site I will provide some of that information. But I’ve been doing this work for a long while with people in lots of different situations and if I list all of that work it becomes unreadable (or is that unbearable?) and only some of it is useful to you.

The real answer is for you to contact me so we can discuss what is specifically applicable to you. The is no cost or obligation for you to do that.

The latter question is certainly best answered through conversation. There is just no substitute for us getting together and chatting. I generally spend an hour or so with someone before we can both answer the questions above: “Can I help and am I a  right choice (yes, a right choice as my belief is that there are likely multiple right choices)?

Even if I turn out to not be your choice a conversation almost always moves one productively along the path to finding that right choice.

Ledgerwood Consulting …

… is small and not trying to appear big.

Ledgerwood Consulting is my solo practice as a coach and consultant.  My work is personal and focused on working with individuals and small teams. Having said that, there is actually a “we” that is involved in some of the work I do.

After three plus decades of doing this work I come, when appropriate, with a collection of cohorts. We work with each other in a variety of ways and form teams as particular engagements require. You will find my name on their websites where I work as a standing member of their team. I can marshal an extensive array of resources when the situation calls for it.

At this stage of my work life it is clear to me how I want to be working and the types of engagements that I will take.

I need to know that:

  • I can help
  • The work is meaningful
  • I am a good match for the people that I will be working with.