Why work with me?

Picking someone to work with can be a daunting task. I will endeavor to provide you with answers to some of the most frequent questions people have. Let’s start with the core questions: 

“Can you help me? ”


 “Are you a right choice?”

The first question tends to be answered with information about credibility. What are your areas of expertise? What is your experience? Do you work with people in my situation (with the same challenges, in a similar organization, etc).

On this site I will provide some of that information. But I’ve been doing this work for a long while with people in lots of different situations and if I list all of that work it becomes unreadable (or is that unbearable?) and only some of it is useful to you.

The real answer is for you to contact me so we can discuss what is specifically applicable to you. The is no cost or obligation for you to do that.

The latter question is certainly best answered through conversation. There is just no substitute for us getting together and chatting. I generally spend an hour or so with someone before we can both answer the questions above: “Can I help and am I a  right choice (yes, a right choice as my belief is that there are likely multiple right choices)?

Even if I turn out to not be your choice a conversation almost always moves one productively along the path to finding that right choice.