Leadership Development

My current leadership development work emerges from the intersection of Bob Keagan’s work on adult development and he and Lisa Lehey’s work on the Immunity to Change that we all exhibit and the work of the Full Circle Group in the form of their Leadership Circle model and instruments.

With a group cohorts, I recently concluded a 12 year long leadership development program for a global client that afforded us the opportunity to explore a long term in depth approach to developing a strong culture of leadership.

A program for a leadership team typically includes some upfront assessment of the current state of leadership delivered by the group, an initial multi-day  offsite to distill the results of the survey and plan for what the group needs to “take on” developmentally. This plan is implemented through a series of quarterly full day meetings and monthly on line 2-3 hour video calls. At the appropriate stage in that process we typically have the team members participate in a leadership 360 degree feedback process.

For an individual I typically conduct a leadership centric 360 degree feedback process and based on the results develop a plan for development that is based on the Immunity to Change model from Minds @ Work. The typically includes 8-10 hours of one on one coaching spread over a four to six month period.

Of course a “your mileage may vary” caveat is in order as each program is individually designed to fit the particular situation.