Ledgerwood Consulting …

… is small and not trying to appear big.

Ledgerwood Consulting is my solo practice as a coach and consultant.  My work is personal and focused on working with individuals and small teams. Having said that, there is actually a “we” that is involved in some of the work I do.

After three plus decades of doing this work I come, when appropriate, with a collection of cohorts. We work with each other in a variety of ways and form teams as particular engagements require. You will find my name on their websites where I work as a standing member of their team. I can marshal an extensive array of resources when the situation calls for it.

At this stage of my work life it is clear to me how I want to be working and the types of engagements that I will take.

I need to know that:

  • I can help
  • The work is meaningful
  • I am a good match for the people that I will be working with.