Certifications and such …

Immunity to Change Coaching

I completed the year long coaching development program led by Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey based on their Immunity to Change model.

Subject Object Interview

This intensive training is for applying the SOI process to assess the specific developmental stage of an adult based on the work of Kegan and Lahey.S

The Leadership Circle Profile

Certified in how to administer, debrief and coach to the Leadership Circle Profile 360. This is the most integrated leadership assessment model out there.

The Leadership Culture Survey

Certified in how to administer, debrief and coach to the Leadership Culture Survey. This instrument measures the collective leadership experience being provided by a group based on the Leadership Circle model.The Leadership Circle System

Certified in how to conduct the multiyear change process developed by the Full Circle Group and based on the Leadership Circle model.

Polarity Thinking

Certified by PolarityPartnerships to teach, apply and coach using their model of Polarity Thinking to address complex unsolvable problems for both individuals and organizations trying to increase their effectiveness. (Yes, unsolvable problems is intentionally stated – it is part of the intrigue and power of this model.)

Temperament and Interaction Styles

Certified in both models based on the incredible work of Linda Berens.